Linear Winding Machine

Linear Winding Machine

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Winding Machines with Embedded Technology

AE Series winding machines are 100% indigenously developed and manufactured with a distinct focus on customization, ensuring seamless integration of the electronic control unit and mechanical unit to meet specific customer needs. Approximately 30% of our machines are tailor-made for unique winding requirements, making us a preferred choice for diverse industries.

AE series winding machine capabilities encompass an impressive array of 25 different standard product lines, catering to wire sizes ranging from 0.017 mm/55 AWG to 5.00 mm/4 AWG, coil diameters from 0.02 inch/0.5 mm to 26 inches/700 mm, and winding lengths from 0.02 inch/0.5mm to 25 inches/635 mm. Our single and multi-spindle machines are adept at producing samples to high-volume requirements.

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Winding machines with PLC and Servo Technology

We wish to respond to a market shift that is more demanding every day with Industry 4.0 standard, by developing the machine with all of the advanced technology both technically and ergonomically with the presentation of a new modular concept which will allow our clients to make the right investment no matter what configuration is selected for the chosen machine.

This E series has a 7 or 10 inch color touch screen for user-friendly programming, brushless servo motor with last generation Motion Control PLC with high connectivity. This system allows the user to work efficiently, easy operations and the possibility to store thousands of different programs. These machines are manufactured by Erasan Winding Machinery, Spain.

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Selection of Winding Machines
 At ACME, we pride ourselves on our specialization in building standard and customized winding machines equipped with E series and AE series control units with special winding applications, constituting 30% of our total sales. We offer coil sampling option prior purchasing winding machines for our standard models.  

Winding Machines Manufactured and Supplied Include

  • Winding machines for virtually any type of transformer.
  • Coil Winding machines for coils of LVDT, various sensors, x-ray, ignition, high voltage, solenoids, switchgear, power conditioning, relays, soldering irons, welding machines, measuring instruments, ferrite coils, ferrite drum, wire wound resistors, wire wound potentiometers, heaters, flexible strips, ballasts, medical etc.
  • Wire spooling machines for welding wires.
  • Toroidal winding machines.
  • Strip winding machines.
  • Foil winding machine. 
  • Flyer winding machines. 
  • Continuous / Spiral winding machines. 
  • R-Core winding machines. 
  • Motor coil winding machines. 

For tailored coil winding applications or to explore additional automation solutions for your existing winding machines, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is ready to provide precise and innovative solutions to meet your unique requirements.