E900 Series

Tailored for LV coils and distribution transformers, the E900 series accommodates strips up to 1 inch wide and coil lengths up to 30 inches.

Medium floor standing style coil winding machine with mobile tailstock. Especially suitable for the production of High Voltage coils, with capacity to make multiple windings, and distribution and power transformers from 1 to 600 KVA.

Tailored for High Voltage Coil Production

This large floor-standing coil winding machine, equipped with a mobile and folding tailstock, is specifically designed for the efficient production of High Voltage coils.

Synchronous Technology with Brushless Motor

Featuring synchronous technology in the faceplate and guider system powered by a brushless motor, the machine allows precise regulation and synchronization between these two critical movements.

Precision Movement with Gear Motor

The gear motor facilitates the movement of the faceplate, while the ball screw guider system, guided by slides and linear guide rails with ball recirculation, ensures precise and reliable operation.

Safety and Efficiency

The machine includes protection covers at the front, ensuring safety during operation. Its high-efficiency electromechanical elements contribute to energy savings and improved machine maintenance.

Numeric Control and CNC Programming

Governed by numeric control and CNC electronic programming, the machine features a 10.1" touch screen. Its flexibility and versatility are enhanced with the inclusion of a foot pedal for user convenience.

Absolute Synchronization for Error-Free Operation

The CNC control system ensures absolute synchronization between headstock rotation and guider movement, faithfully reproducing the operator's programmed instructions. The easy and visual program interface allows for the creation of various coil types and offers multiple options in the winding process, saving time and minimizing errors

Belt Position 400 rpm Versions
Torque(Nm) Speed(rpm)
1 165 0-400
2 300 0-200

Products & Capabilities

Single Spindle side Loading Winding Machine

E900 Series

Inch mm
Spindle Centre Height - 1000mm
Max. Winding Diameter - 500mm
Electrical Supply - 380 + V + N +GND / 50 Hz
Air Supply - Not Required
Distance between Points - 900mm
TailStock: Morse Cone - No. 4
Pitch Accuracy - 0.01mm
Winding Shaft Speed* - See Below
Total Machine Weigth (approx.) - 950Kg
Max. Winding Length - 800mm
Face Plate Diameter - 350mm
Max. Coil and Tool Weight - 850Kg
TailStock: Opening Stroke - 140mm