AEH Series

Behold the AEH series, a high-torque winding machine meticulously crafted to conquer even the thickest wires and heaviest coils. Imagine effortless programming and operation, where efficiency and convenience come standard.

Built for Heavy-Duty Demands

  • Muscle for Every Task: Tackle LV or H.V. coils, P.T. coils, power transformers, inductors and more with the AEH's powerful torque and robust construction.
  • Precision at Your Fingertips: Enjoy variable speed control through a dedicated knob, while the intuitive menu-driven programming and large LCD display make setup a breeze.
  • Flexibility Unbound: Add, modify, copy, list, run, and delete programs with ease. On-the-fly parameter adjustments let you fine-tune every winding.

Power that Adapts

  • Unleash the Torque: The A.C. vector drive delivers consistent, constant, high-powered torque, perfect for even the most demanding jobs.
  • Future-Proof Performance: Flash memory allows for software upgrades and modifications, ensuring your AEH stays ahead of the curve.

Ready to Roll?

  • Standard Setup: Hit the ground running with included accessories like wire guide, faceplate, and tailstock.
  • Upgrade to Conquer: Expand your capabilities with optional accessories like tensioners for various wire sizes, heavy payoff units, and servo motor-driven traverse mechanism.

The AEH series is more than just a machine; it's a statement of strength and precision. Experience the power to wind seamlessly and conquer any coil. Contact us today and unleash the beast within your production line!

Products & Capabilities

Single Spindle side Loading Winding Machine

AEH-01 Sigle Spindle Side Loading Winding Machine

Inch mm
Wire Size upto (Inch/AWG) 0.12 / 8 -
Bobbin Diameter 10 -
Dimensions (W x H x H) 36 x 16 x 15 -
Winding Width 10 -
Speed in rpm 750 / 1500 optional -
Single Spindle side Loading Winding Machine

AEH-11 Sigle Spindle Side Loading Winding Machine

Inch mm
Wire Size upto (Inch/AWG) 0.2 / 4 -
Bobbin Diameter 20 -
Dimensions (W x H x H) 52 x 22 x 18 -
Winding Width 20 -
Speed in rpm 500 -