E300 Series

The E300 series, offered in diverse speed and torque configurations, presents a bench-top model ideal for wires up to 7AWG and coil lengths of 10 inches. With multiple winding modes, it accommodates both simple and complex winding requirements.

Synchronous Technology for Precision

Our winding machines employ synchronous technology in the spindle head and guiding system, providing a remarkable resolution of 0.001mm. The latest CNC control system, featuring a 7” color touch screen, ensures seamless synchronization of head and guiding movements.

User-Friendly Programming

The CNC control system offers a visually intuitive and operator-friendly programming interface. With flexibility and powerful control capabilities, it supports extensive program storage, accommodating up to 1000 programs with 20 windings per program within the machine. Additionally, the SD Card allows for the storage of up to 10,000 programs with 200 windings per program.

Network Connectivity

Ethernet and USB plugs are available for technical support from anywhere in the world. The built-in network functionality enables remote actions such as saving/recalling programs, checking machine status globally, setup via touch screen or remote control using a laptop or tablet, easy program search and selection, straightforward Cloud storage backup, and simple USB backup and recall.

Industry 4.0 Traceability Options

Our machines are equipped with industry 4.0 traceability features, allowing production monitoring and real-time reporting of mistakes, errors, or malfunctions to coordinators.

Diverse Winding Modes

Choose from a wide range of winding modes, including Basic winding, Special winding, Full winding, Pyramidal, Pitch per layer, Spiral, Turns, Orthocyclic, Move guider, Inputs/Outputs, and the ability to customize each mode according to specific needs.

Speed Control Options

Our machines offer multiple options for speed control, including programmable settings, a speed control knob, and a foot pedal, ensuring flexibility and ease of operation.

E300W R E300W N E300W G E300W G+


9.000 2 6.000 3 3.000 5 1.600 9
6.000 3 3.000 6 1.500 10 800 18
3.000 6 1.500 12 750 20 400 36


Products & Capabilities

Single Spindle side Loading Winding Machine

E300 Series

Inch mm
Standard Face Plate Diameter - 60 mm
Wire Diameter - 0.01 to 5 mm
Max. Winding length - 285 mm
Max. Winding Diameter - 240 mm
Pitch Accuracy - 0.001 mm
Max. Wire Pitching - 99 mm
Distance between Points - 350 mm