Motor Coil Winding Machine

Motor Coil Winding Machine

Explore Acme's versatile range of motor coil winding machines tailored to cater to the distinct needs of motor manufacturers, motor repair workshops, or a combination of both. Our innovative machines offer the flexibility to operate seamlessly in either semi-automatic or automatic modes, enhancing efficiency and adaptability. 

Introducing our AEH Series, meticulously crafted to streamline the winding process for motor manufacturers. This series is capable of winding motor or pump coils up to 500mm in length, featuring a programmable wire guiding system that ensures effortless winding of multiple coils. 

Recognizing the diverse requirements of motor repair workshops, our AEM Series presents a semi-automatic solution designed specifically for repair workshops. This machine can efficiently handle coils up to 1600mm in length. For those seeking increased automation, the AEM Series provides the option to integrate a wire guiding system, enabling a more streamlined winding process for larger coils. 

For the ultimate in precision and functionality, our third option boasts a 10-inch HMI and servo system. Beyond motor coils, this machine excels at winding power transformers, distribution transformers, and LV coils with its semi-automatic capability. Elevate your winding capabilities by incorporating a servo-based guider for automatic functions, transforming this machine into a floor-type winding powerhouse capable of handling even the largest coils with ease. 

Acme's motor coil winding machines offer a comprehensive solution for varied applications, ensuring optimal performance and adaptability to meet the unique needs of your operation. Choose innovation, choose Acme.