Toroidal Winding Machine

Toroidal Winding Machine

Our machines are ideal for a range of applications, including CTs, miniature toroids, energy meter coils, and more.

Programmable Speed Control for Smooth Processes

The ACME Mechatronics Toroidal winding machine is equipped with programmable speed control, featuring a soft start and soft stop for seamless loading and winding operations. The menu-driven programming, 40X2 LCD display, and 99 program storage make setup effortless.

Customizable Parameters and Pitch Control

Enjoy a wide range of programmable parameters and pitch control, allowing precise customization according to your winding requirements. The single start switch facilitates automatic selection between loading and winding cycles.

Precision Sensors for Accuracy

To ensure accuracy and reliability, the machine is equipped with optical sensors for winding and proxy sensors for loading. These sensors contribute to the overall precision of the winding process.

Standard Shuttle and Tensioner Units for Optimal Performance

Included in the machine are standard shuttle and tensioner units, ensuring optimal performance during winding. This enhances the reliability and efficiency of the entire process.

Optional Accessories for Enhanced Flexibility

For added flexibility, we offer optional toroid winding machine accessories, including shuttles in various sizes to cater to diverse winding needs. Experience heightened efficiency and convenience with ACME Mechatronics' Toroidal winding machine.

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Slider type

Suitable for fine wire from 30AWG and above. Special shuttle with slider to wind wire onto the core avoiding any insulation damage.

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Belt type

Suitable for medium wire from 20AWG and below. Special shuttle driven by belt to offer required adjustable tension to the wire while winding.

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