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Step into the extraordinary journey of Acme Mechatronics, where innovation began in a humble residential basement in 1998.

Evolving swiftly, we moved to an industrial park in 1999, setting the stage for our remarkable expansion in 2003. Witnessing our dreams flourish, we established ourselves as a multinational powerhouse in 2011, anchoring a sales office in California, USA.

The year 2017 marked another significant milestone, as we integrated the winding machine product range of a renowned Spanish company. Our passion for progress led us to relocate research and development, alongside marketing, to the vibrant landscapes of Texas, USA.

Proudly spreading our wings across North America, Europe, and Asia, Acme Mechatronics, alongside our sister company ACME Electronics, boasts an astounding record of over 4000 winding machine installations worldwide.

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At Acme Mechatronics, our vision is to redefine the coil winding industry by offering tailored solutions that precisely match our customers' needs and budgets. ensuring every customer investment yields satisfaction and success.



At Acme Mechatronics, we are on a mission to be your partner at every step of the winding machine procurement, To innovate and inspire, we strive to deliver exceptional products and services, enriching lives globally for a better tomorrow.



At Acme Mechatronics, ethics form the foundation of our business. Integrity is the foundation of our ethics. With transparency, fairness, and respect, we uphold the highest standards in all our endeavors. 


From Garage to Global Leader
In 1998, Acme Mechatronics emerged from a garage, driven by an innovative spirit. Within two years, it settled into an industrial park, laying roots for future growth. By 2003, the company's ambitious drive propelled it onto the international stage, becoming a dominant force within the mechatronic sector.

A turning point arrived in 2011 when Acme established a foothold in California, USA—an event that signified its transformation into a multinational entity. Continuing its trajectory of expansion, Acme merged with a prominent Spanish winding machine producer in 2017, further enhancing its portfolio while underscoring its commitment to progress. To ensure cutting-edge solutions, Acme subsequently relocated its Research and Development and Marketing divisions to Texas, USA.

Today, Acme Mechatronics stands tall alongside its sister company ACME Electronics, serving North America, Europe, and Asia with over 4000 installed winding machines. Its legacy encompasses innovation, perseverance, and global influence

Director's Desk

Meet our visionary, Alpesh Patel, Chief Technology Officer, with an unparalleled 25-year legacy in the coil winding machine industry. He spearheads our mission to offer tailored machines, unrivaled customization, and top-tier service support throughout North America, South America, and Europe, all orchestrated from our Texas hub in the USA. Alpesh Patel has been the driving force behind our meteoric rise from inception to prominence.

Not confined to winding equipment alone, we present our exclusive coil winding services, catering to low to medium quantity requirements, with the vision to equip customers for in-house production with our advanced winding machines when the time is right.

Crafting solutions for every need, we unveil the embedded AE series Programmable winding machines and PLC-based E series CNC Winding Machines. Whether for laboratory applications, large-scale production, or intricate precision work, our range has you covered.

In the realm of distribution and power transformer winding machines, we proudly represent the renowned Erasan brand, renowned for their heavy-duty and foil winding machines.

Experience the excellence of Acme Mechatronics as we revolutionize the coil winding industry, igniting a global transformation with every revolution we spin!



Milestones mark the path of progress, guiding us through achievements and growth. Each step forward brings inspiration and motivation, propelling us towards a brighter future.