AEW Series

Forget complex programming and intricate features. The AEW winding machine champions basic convenience while delivering consistent torque for thick wires and straightforward coils. Imagine manual speed control at your fingertips, ensuring precise winding every time.

Built for Basic, Built to Last

  • Simple Programming: Focus on the essentials with just turns, width, and wire size settings. Basic programming doesn't have to mean limitations.
  • Constant Torque Power: Tackle thick wires with ease thanks to the AEW's robust design having close look drive and reliable power.
  • Intuitive Operation: Factory-programmed soft start and stop eliminate guesswork, making the AEW user-friendly from the start.

Efficiency Built-In, Versatility Unlocked

  • 195 Program Memory: Store and recall frequently used patterns, optimizing production flow.
  • Tapping Capability: Wind intricate coils with number of tapings and targeted wire placement for greater precision.
  • Standard Accessories: Wire guide and tensioner units come standard, ready to tackle your everyday tasks.

Ready to Take it Further?

The AEW's adaptability shines with optional accessories:

  • Live Center Tailstock: Support your former for even faster loading and unloading.
  • Variable Tensioners: Choose the perfect tension for both thick and thin wires.
  • Optional Wire Guide: Ensure smooth feeding for any wire size.

The AEW Series: Where simplicity meets efficiency, and basic tasks become effortlessly precise. Experience the power of straightforward winding today!

Products & Capabilities

Single Spindle side Loading Winding Machine

AEW - Single Spindle Side Loading Winding Machine

Inch mm
Wire Diameter 0.08 2.50
Bobbin Diameter 3.9 100
Dimension WDH 25*13*12 450*540*580
Winding Width 3.9 100
Speed 1200 rpm 1200 rpm