E600 Series

Our winding machine, equipped with a quick closing tailstock, is designed for the efficient manufacturing of electric coils used in solenoids, chokes, inductors, and small power transformers.

CNC Control for Precise Synchronization

The CNC control system ensures absolute synchronization between headstock rotation and the guider's movement. This guarantees accurate replication of the operator's programmed instructions.

Precision Design for Efficiency

Featuring a precision screw recirculating ball in the guiding support, our machine incorporates high-efficiency electromechanical elements. This design not only ensures substantial energy savings but also facilitates improved maintenance.

Latest Generation CNC Control System

The latest CNC control system, boasting a 7" color touch screen, provides a visual and straightforward programming interface for operators. Its flexibility, power, ample storage capacity, and connectivity options allow for the creation of any coil type, optimizing time and eliminating errors in the winding process.

Versatile Coil Winding Options

Our machine offers the flexibility to wind single or multiple coils, with additional wire guides and tensioners available on a single spindle. This versatility caters to a wide range of winding requirements.

  STR Version DD85 Version DD75 Version
Speed Winding Max 300 rpm 420 rpm 600 rpm
Torque 130 Nm 85 Nm 75 Nm

Products & Capabilities

Single Spindle side Loading Winding Machine

E600 Series

Inch mm
Guider Programable Resolution - 0.01 mm
Max Wire Pitching - 99 mm
Max no. of Windings per Coil - 200
Supply Voltage* - 380 V + N + GND/ 50 Hz
Distance between Points - 650 mm
Net Weight - 600 Kg Aprox.
Pitch Accuracy - 0.01 mm
Max no of programmable windings - 10.000 (Per SD Card)
Spindle Resolution - 0,01 Turns
Max Winding Length - 480 mm
Type of Programming - CNC Color Touch Screen
Max Power Consumption - 2,2 KW
Winding Diameter Max - 600 mm
User Interface - 7” (178mm) Color Touch Screen