Over the years we have purchased multiple AEX series winders in two of our facilities. They are competitively priced when compared to others. But what really stands out about these machines is the in person support whether it be via phone or email.

Brad, Base Technologies Inc.

Working with Alpesh and Acme Mechatronics, Inc. has been a very pleasant experience. Their responsiveness and support have been exemplary as well as the delivery performance and quality of the product. I look forward to working with Acme for all of our future needs. Thank you very much.

Mark Newland, SIPOC Measurement

Access institute of Research is an engineering development company currently working on advanced Permanent Magnet Motor Design and Testing.

We were looking for a coil winding machine that was affordable and flexible enough for experimentation. We needed to try many different configurations of coils to find the right one. The ACME line of machines were the only ones that really fitted our needs.

ACME support and sales gave us the all the information we needed to configure and operate our machines. They were very attentive and provided us with more support and assistance than any other vendor we talked with.

ACME winders have an excellent price point that will enable us to upgrade our R&D designs to production level. We would recommend ACME to anyone looking for a coil winding machine.

Kate Cooper (Director R&D), Access Institute of Research, Inc

We were in the market for a coil winding machine. We reviewed all the winders we could find, looking for a winder with the right value – price vs. capabilities and an acceptable warranty. We didn't find anything until we came across the Acme Mechatronics winders.

After several discussions with the technical and sales teams, We felt their machine could possibly be a good fit. The team at Mechatronics went as far as actually winding one of the coils we needed to produce and sent a video of the winder we were looking at actually in operation to prove the winder would do the job. Everyone we dealt with was very pleasant, knowledgeable, and professional.

So far our winder has performed flawlessly and I feel we made the right decision. I am happy to recommend coil winding machines by Acme Mechatronics Inc.

Michael Seedman, RF Concepts

My business is selling and exporting equipment to customers in the Pacific. I have a shipyard customer that required a replacement coil winding machine for their operations. After some research I contacted the Sales team with Acme Mechatronics to see what they could offer and get pricing.

After discussing that we needed a large 5 hp rated unit that could handle coils for the large electric motors found on ocean ships, the Acme Mechatronics Inc team suggested a model that had the capacity I was looking for. I did have some concern that his manufacturing facility was in India. Fortunately, the Sales Team was available to meet with me personally. They allayed my concerns and made a purchase proposal that guaranteed quality and delivery of the product in a way that made me comfortable enough to give a deposit and place the order.

The unit was delivered on schedule and the quality of the machine was very good. My customer was happy that we were able to give pricing way below what the competitors were offering and that the quality and design of the machine were excellent.

I would not hesitate to recommend dealing with Acme Mechatronics Inc for any coil winding requirements. The team has always been true to their word and very responsive to my concerns or dealing with any difficulties that have arisen.

Tim Flagstad, Sales Manager, Crown Sales, Inc.

We worked with ACME Mechatronics to create a machine that would wind our micro generators. The people we worked with were all willing to go the extra mile to ensure the machine would meet our needs. They were extremely responsive and produced a quality product.

After we received the machine, it took us less than a day to have the machine running in house producing products. I would recommend ACME Mechatronics to anyone looking for winding machines.

Matt Stanton, CEO & Founder, Sole Power LLC

We were looking for a machine to manufacture concentric coils for our electric motor stators. We contacted ACME who gave us a very good support to choose the right type of machine regarding our specifications and help us to define the tools suited to our needs. After the machine arrived, it took a very short time to have the machine running and star tour production. The manufacture of our coils went well and allowed us to make regular coils.

Amelie Barbier ing jr., Industrialization coordinator, TM4 Inc.

Doing business with Acme Mechatronics was very reliable. We would definitely buy another coil winder from this company. They respond promptly to e-mails - created the coil winder and delivered as promised. Our coil winder was extremely well packed and delivered on time. They also provided helpful coaching to learn how to use the machine. I would give them a 5 star and highly recommend that you do business with them.

Robert Lloy,

I am a manufacturer of audio devices and I have long been looking for a suitable winding machine for the production of output transformers for high quality tube amplifiers. I found a lot of different machines on the Web, but the only one that suits my requirements is the AEW-5501-1200rpm from Acme Mechatronics. Built-in CNC control, stepless speed control, brake, switch off on each layer and everything is perfectly ergonomically accessible on the front. I mean, this machine had to be engineered by people who are experts in the industry and they know exactly what they are doing. Simply by people who also produce coils. It is not a cliché, it is a finding of reality, which is not always the rule today.

With this machine I make very complex transformers, which consist of up to eleven mutually insulated layers of wire of different diameters. Thanks to faultless operation and intuitive operation of the machine, I make these transformers with high precision and I have a lot of satisfied customers.

Thank you for your professional approach, especially purchase support, I am very happy to be the customer of Acme Mechatronics Inc.

Jan Dvořák

We have been using an Acme Mechatronics winder for one and a half years in South Africa. Their quality, workmanship and support is excellent and we are more than happy to recommend their products to anyone.

Hendre Roberts, PDtech

We bought this coil winding machine to wind small coils of about 1.5-10mm in diameter and fine wire gauges of ~42AWG. You need to make your own Bobbin mandrel/tool with desired diameter but then the machine works really well. We had a problem with the software which company helped and replaced the whole hard drive. For our application the machine saves tons of time and makes beautiful coils. The customer service is also very good and helpful.

Dr Shanti Deemyad, Assistant Professor, University of Utah

Thank you for the coil winding machine. The machine has enhanced our training program in installation and maintenance of electrical machines. The specifications are in sync with the requirements that were requested. Thanks for your usual service in providing electrical and other training materials and equipment that we need in our training programs.

Ms. Tanesha Chambers, Portmore HEART Academy, Program Coordinator, St. Catherine, Jamaica

We are a research group that requires the precision and accuracy to produce coils with very specific characteristics for our continued exploration and discovery in various fields of science. We were drawn to Acme Mechatronics, Inc. given their computer-numerical-control capable winders. With the total command of every aspect of the winding process, there is no limitation or restriction which their winders possess to obstruct or prevent any area of our studies. This level of precision and accuracy is thus further realized in the exact repeatability of any specific coil design. We cannot overemphasize the value of Acme Mechatronics, Inc. winders for the production of coils that meet our requirements. We credit the Sales and Technical representatives for having the knowledge and experience which enabled us to realize the benefits and capabilities stated above.

An Ecstatic Customer of Acme Mechatronics.