Long Axial Winding Machine


E 300 series servo based long axial winding machine.

Experience unparalleled winding precision with the E 300 series, a servo-based long axial winding machine.

Servo Motor Precision

Utilizing servo motors for both the spindle and traverse unit, the machine boasts a remarkable 0.001mm pitching resolution. 

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Versatile Operation Modes

The touch screen Human-Machine Interface (HMI) offers nine different modes for versatile and customizable winding processes.

Standard and Customizable Winding Lengths

The standard model comes with a 285mm winding length, but the machine can be customized to accommodate winding lengths up to 1200mm. This adaptability ensures flexibility to meet specific winding requirements.

AES Series

The AES series winding machine is meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled accuracy, featuring servo motors and an intuitive touch screen Human-Machine Interface (HMI). Ideal for intricate, asymmetric, and precisely controlled pitch winding, it accommodates a broad range of pitch variations, including incremental, decremental, and equation-based pitches within single or multi-layers. This machine finds applications in coils such as LVDT, heaters, sensors, and more.

The integration of servo motors for both the spindle and traverse unit ensures seamless start-stop operations, combining simplicity, precision, and reliability.

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User-Friendly Touch Screen HMI

Programming becomes effortless with the touch screen HMI, providing a user-friendly interface. The machine offers 100 program storage and 20 sections for quick winding set-up through various menus.

Customizable for Personalized Solutions

Customization is seamless with the ability to tailor the software and interface, allowing users to achieve personalized winding solutions. This flexibility ensures the machine can adapt to specific requirements.


Our customized winding machine, equipped with the advanced AEX control unit, is tailored for specific winding applications.

The AEX series winding machines are available in a variety of winding lengths. This series exhibits the capability to wind variable pitch within a single program.


  • AEX-750mm

  • AEX-500mm

  • AEX-250mm