AEM Series

Designed specifically for motor coils and hand-fed, wire-guided coil winding, our semi-automatic winding machine ensures enhanced efficiency and precision in your rewinding processes or repair shops.

Versatile Coil Winding for Motor Repair Shops

The AEM-01 winding machine is tailored for motor repair shops, offering basic programmable parameters for multiple coils.

Variable Speed Control and Soft Start/Stop

Enjoy variable speed control through a foot pedal and optional speed control knob, coupled with the convenience of soft start and programmable soft stop. Auto stop functionality, based on pre-set turns and supported by twelve pre-set programs, adds to the machine's efficiency.

Efficient Menu-Driven Programming

The machine boasts menu-driven programming and a 40x2 LCD display with 45 program storage, facilitating quick setup. Easily add, modify, copy, list, run, and delete programs with programmable parameters including preset turns, spindle lock, and auto start.

AC Vector Drive for Precision Winding

Equipped with an AC vector drive ensuring high and constant torque, the machine is designed for precision winding. The flash memory feature allows for future software upgrades or modifications, ensuring adaptability to evolving needs.

Standard 12-Inch Faceplate

The AEM-01 comes with a 12-inch faceplate as a standard accessory, streamlining your winding operations.

Optional Accessories for Versatility

Optional accessories, such as arbors for motor coils of different ratings add versatility to the AEM-01 making it an optimal choice for various motor coil winding applications.

Products & Capabilities

Single Spindle side Loading Winding Machine

AEM-01 Winding Machine

Inch mm
Spindle Drive - AC Vector
Wire Diameter - 0.01-3.0mm
Supply Voltage - 220V, 3Ph. / 415V, 3Ph
Center Height - 900mm
Power Consumption - 2500W
Turns - Preset upto 16 coils / program
Motor - 2HP, 1000rpm
Face Plate - 300mm with 2 slots
Dimension - 500 x 500 x 1100mm
Speed - 350rpm